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Great action makes great progress in hardware

Introduction: the rapid development of hardware industry has not only made great achievements in the world's hardware industry, but also "forged" the huge gap between domestic enterprises with long-term polarized development. China hardware tool network points out that at this stage, China's hardware tool industry is in a cyclical economic transition period, during which major actions such as economic transformation, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading will be taken by China's hardware industry Industry integration plays a driving role.

In recent years, China's hardware industry has grown steadily for several reasons:

First of all, the quality of employees is generally improved. In recent years, the quality of employees in the hardware industry has generally improved. For example, the person in charge of China Hardware City, the largest hardware market to be built in Beijing, has many doctors and postdoctors.

Secondly, the technology and management level are generally improved. As for the technology and management level of hardware enterprises, it has been greatly improved. Some domestic enterprises began to introduce advanced technology and management experience from abroad as early as a few years ago, and many enterprises already have quite high level in technology and management.

Third, the development of the industry has entered a stage of change. At present, it is the stage of upgrading of China's hardware products, the transition period from low-end to high-end products. This is very beneficial to the development of China's hardware industry. In the process of production transfer from abroad to China, some advanced production processes and management modes from abroad, including raw materials, will inevitably be brought in.

When we see the favorable factors, we must also note that China's hardware production technology is generally relatively low, and many key technologies are mainly relying on foreign countries. Huaxia Mould Network believes that Chinese hardware enterprises should increase the investment in technology research and development, learn and absorb foreign advanced experience as soon as possible, and carry out secondary innovation on the basis of advanced technology, so as to shorten the time The gap with the developed countries' hardware giants.

After more than ten years of accumulation and steady improvement, China's hardware industry is now the largest country in the world in terms of output, and its exports grow steadily every year. It is understood that the annual export of China's hardware industry is growing at about 8%. Last year, the export of hardware products exceeded 5 billion US dollars, ranking the third in the light industry. According to the analysis of Huaxia mould network experts, due to the improvement of China's hardware manufacturing level and the expansion of production capacity, it is expected that in the next five years, China's hardware products will still maintain a steady growth of more than 10% per year, and China is becoming a veritable hardware industry country.

At present, it is the stage of upgrading of China's hardware products, the transition from low-end products to high-end products, and the transition from single product to diversified products, which provides a good foundation for the development of the hardware industry. The introduction of foreign high-end products into China will certainly introduce some advanced technology and management mode.

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