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ADD:68 Shengli Road, Chunjiang Town, Xinbei District, Changzhou

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The company is located in the beautiful and fertile Yangtze River Golden Triangle region-Changzhou(New North District),facing the two major cities of Shanghai and Nanjing, and forming a film with Suzhou and Wuxi, forming the Suxi Chang metropolitan area.

The company was established in 2005 and is located at No. 68 Shengli Road, Chunjiang Town, New Taipei District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It is a collection of production and processing, sales standards, steel, mechanical accessories, electrical machinery and equipment. Metal materials, metal products companies.

The company imports various types of automation production and inspection equipment, imported and domestic large-scale steel mills to use high-quality raw materials, ERP management system, Production of national standards(GB),ANSI, DIN, JIS international standards(ISO) and other high-quality hexagonal, outer hexagonal bolts, flange bolts, nuts,screws, fine wire, and non-standard special fasteners , annual sales of 8,000 tons, quality management system passed

ISO9001 certification, Products are widely used in electrical appliances, motorcycle accessories, photovoltaic installations,balance vehicles, electric vehicles, bicycles, motors, hardware machinery, port machines, furniture, textile machinery,transportation facilities, sports equipment, lighting, etc., and many domestic enterprises and national key construction projects. Parallel sales to the United States, Japan, Europe and other markets.

The Group has more than 100 employees, an average age of 30, 8 R&D personnel, nearly 20 technical and quality personnel, and annual sales of 200 million yuan. Division I also a professional research and development and manufacturing of disposable sanitary equipment, provide technical advice and technical services enterprises in thedisposable sanitary equipment has applied for a number of national patents!

Company spirit: integrity, professionalism and innovation

Quality policy of the company: all staff participate in quality management, implement quality system, ensure product quality, meet customer needs, follow relevant laws, continue to improve quality, improve product grade, improve supporting capacity, and make it a first-class brand in supporting industry.

Values of the company: pursue perfection, all employees are soldiers; be willing to listen to the opinions of all parties and devote themselves to brainstorming; pay attention to quality, reduce costs, improve speed, create profits to strive for competitive advantage and sustainable operation; be confident, let every employee participate and act in an unlimited way; set a clear, simple and practical goal and convey it to all personnel ; have enough energy and drive others; make every effort to set lofty goals, reward progress, clarify responsibilities and obligations; regard reform as an opportunity rather than a threat


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